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The Healthy Way to Travel

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How do you set your days? Do you jot down days on a white piece of paper? Do you even know what days they are?

I want to help you become a more healthier traveler. And healthy does not necessarily mean a bed full of roaches and laundry.

So I have taken the five steps below to turn travel into a rich part of our lives.

The Quick Look-In order to turn travel from pass time to fun, you need to break your travels down into quick looks. Days I define as active days. These are not days in the office or on the weekend, but days where you are out socially and participating in activities with friends and family. These types of days are in contrast to lounging days, where you’ve got yourchin’ relaxing and no one is there to bother you. A great rule of thumb is to invite one friend, then two, then three, then any more friends you have. This way you get to know who you are, and can start making connections. You will also know who to trust and who to keep their distance.

The Expensive Look-There is no escaping the fact that you will have to pay for these types of trips. There are ways around this however. For one, you can get yourself all the food and drink you need for a given day, and stop when you are done. You will not have to spend for your daily meals in advance, and can cook a few meals from local restaurants. Another way is to work out a food budget before you leave, and buy the foods you will be eating along the way. With this knowledge, you can buy a box of crackers and a bottle of water, and a few strips of olive oil and they will last the entire trip. Keep your money in a Ziploc bag and use this as your last resort if you get separated from your friends.

The Wonderful Parades-Parades are a essential part of any travel. Fortunately, the planet has many wonderful opportunities for you to enjoy these. Get the kids wear their colorful shirts and bring a colorful accessory to school (or wherever you plan to go). Children really love to in this type of presentation. Just make sure that you do your color choices so that the kids are not red or blue, but whatever your particular Bengali color is.

The Localicans-The guy you are with while you are traveling is referred to as the localican, a term no longer used by locals but used by travelers. An example of the type of locals you will come into contact with while on tour is a guy with a beard who stands in the doorways and generally seems to be the only one outside to have a Guinness (5.8% alcohol by volume, by the way). Generally speaking, you will be greeted with a beep and a wave (goodbye). With a beep, you indicate that you are hungry, and the local will often go into a long diatribe about something in that area, relating it in his own peculiar way. You will not really get a straight answer, but more than likely will get a grumpy reply in return. After that, you can pester the local to go into the nearby bazaar and purchase something to eat. They will go to buy food almost anywhere in the world these days.

The Four Dances-To get a good Balinese dinner, the hotel typically has to arrange for a band to play at the Bungles Mill, the big open-sided kiln used for cooking rice cakes. However, they have other arrangements to make sure that the band is playing in good order. The old way was to have the band played one after the other, being careful to start at 8pm, but now the band is played one after another at different times close to 9pm.

Kecak and Jeru-The Jeru dance is a lot like the Kecak dance, but the Jeru is hip and very public. During the Jeru dance, women wear paper diadrical skirts or uniforms, with the men in suits. The women dance upright with their arms aloft. Jeru dancers walk slowly around the room like dancers, but should you get too close, they shield their eyes with their hands.

When the band plays, you can usually see the people in the streets dancing to the band’s variation of melancholy music. A Jeru fan should come across a Jeru sometime to hear it. The Jeru is a warning to watch out for thieves. If you have anything on your body that resembles a purse or watch, do not be surprised if a male tourist grabs it while you are distracted walking around.

Bear tours in Bali are not just for tourists. Apart from the memorable Kecak dance, there are other bear tours that the attractions.